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       Ningbo Xuanwang Metal Products Co. , Ltd. is a design, production and sales of tinplate packaging enterprises, workshop equipment is a shear plate machine, 20 sets of iron boxes production assembly line equipment, with more than 800 sets of different shapes of production mold, more professional design, quality testing and technical management staff. The products are made of standard imported grade I tinplate, the materials meet the requirements of green environmental protection, and have the characteristics of recycling, low pollution, saving resources, etc. , mechanical performance is good, sealed light-proof unique performance gradually by the majority of consumers love, printing ink through SGS food safety test.

       Our products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and other regions, covering more than 40 countries, with a number of well-known food, gifts, crafts and other brands of long-term cooperation, we are set design, printing, cutting iron, production, quality control and after-sales and other professional services, for customers to save time, worry-free, absolutely meet the needs of our customers. Welcome to sample to make to order!

       The main products of our company are: Square Iron Box, round iron box, special-shaped iron box, miscellaneous can packing, iron sheet crafts and so on:

1. Food containers: mooncake containers, tea containers, white wine/red wine containers, egg roll cans, cookies containers, chocolate containers, Ginseng boxes, health food containers, medicine boxes, lunch boxes, etc.

2. Gift boxes: Music Boxes, money boxes, candle boxes, gift boxes, business card boxes, watch boxes, hand-held cans, sets of cans, parent cans, stationery boxes, pencil boxes, Pencil case, Pencil case, etc.

3. Digital Product packaging: CD box, DVD box, U Disk Box, memory card box, cell phone battery box, cell phone accessories box, USB card reader packaging can, etc.

4. Daily Necessities Iron Box: make up iron box, color make up tool box, Water Pine Cup pad, Badge, talcum powder iron box, iron bucket, ice bucket, iron plate, and so on

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