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Ningbo Xuanwang Metal Products Co. , Ltd. specializes in producing tin cans, iron boxes, stationery boxes, Moon cake boxes, packaging boxes and other tinplate products, mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and the United States and other regions. The company has a full attendance award, Year-end Award, National Day holiday, annual leave, good company welfare, all year round without off-season, the company has a professional production line, is now due to scale expansion, urgent need to recruit the following staff:

Foreign trade salesman/merchandiser (2-- 3) monthly salary: 3000-- 15000 YUAN (commission of basic salary)
Job Description: to expand the domestic and foreign markets, to achieve orders, to complete other work arranged by the company; Requirements: Skilled operation of computer, more than two years working experience, good interpersonal skills, good communication skills, a strong team spirit, a strong sense of innovation and a strong ability to withstand pressure.

2. Punch Press: (5-10) monthly salary: 3000-foshan 6000 yuan
Job Description: cutting, stamping, grinding, etc. . Requirements: Hands and feet diligent, obey the arrangement, receive overtime, men and women are not limited, experience is preferred;

3. Packaging personnel: (3l-6) monthly salary of 2800-5000 yuan
Job Description: box cleaning, labeling, bagging, carton packing, etc. . Requirements: Diligent, obedient arrangement, receiving overtime, experience is preferred;

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